Three Years Together :D

On sunday, It was my three year anniversay with Andrew. Its gone so fast, especially to think we got together a week before he left for uni and now were still together but he has a degree!
To celebrate, we went out for dinner last night! Andrew took me to my favourite resteurant everr.. Gilgamesh, its an amazing place. The place itself feels kinda egyptian to me but im not sure because the food is asian. The huge dining room is filled with palm trees and hand carved tables and chairs and huge wall carvings, its a very special place right in the middle of camden market. 

I wore my new red Jones+Jones dress and my amazing Schuh princess shoes, which got alot of comments, everyone loved them!


  1. Congratulations!

    You look so good. I'm following You via GFC

  2. aww congrats! keep it sweet Georgina <3 you look super stunning in that red dress! love it

    Pudding Monster

  3. stunning dress:)

  4. Hi I like your blog, following ! Follow back if you feel like it !

  5. Love your dress, you look lovely! Congrats on the anniversary.



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