Batiste Dry Shampoo

Ive used Batise dry shampoo(*) ever since I can remeber, my mum has been buying it for years and it had been helping me out of greasy situations for ever! Its the most useful can of spray I own (other that deoderant hahah) and I use it alot! Not to say that my hair is always greasy, its just perfect for those days when you wake up late or the hot water had run out becuase your brothers have used it all up!! And great for those evening when you haven't got time to wash your hair, Its also great for creating volume! But untill now Ive only used the original, Thats all I thought there was, I guess that my mums fault for not being adventurous in the shop.

Well thats the last time I can say  that!

I checked out their website and discovered there are 13 different flavours! Ohh my! How exciting!!! I got in touch with Batiste* and they sent me three differnt flavours to try out and show to you guys!!
Time to test them out! 

For those of you who dont have a clue how to use it here is what i do:
  1. Spray into greasy fringe
  2. Massage in like real shampoo
  3. Brush out all the white powder
  4. Newly washed looking hair

Heres what i thought of the new flavours..

Cherry - This had a very fruity, fun scent, it reminded me of a summers day sitting at the park with a picnic - I dont actually like cherries but I did like this! It really is lovley and sweet.

Blush - Also a nice scent but different. The only way I could think to describe it is this: Did any of you use impulse when you was younger? Remember the yellow one.. Frangipan or somthing? It smells just like that and reminds me of my childhood.

For Brown Hair - This is very useful , especially for me with darker hair! The spray comes out brown so your not felt with white powder in your dark hair. Also, not sure if this was intended but the first thing I smelt when Isprayed it was chocolate, thats deffinatly a plus!

Batiste sent me some lovely big cans but you can also get them in travel sized which is great for keeping in your handbag and carrying around with you!

Make sure to get yourself a can - we get ours at boots or the supermarket

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