Star Gazer Make Up

I was sent all of this super cool make up from the girls at get touched PR(*). Its Stargazer, I havent really heard of it before except for the hair dye which I have seen being sold alot around camden market, all very bright and colourul which I love so hopefully I will like the makeup just as much!

Ok, so were start with the eyelashes! They are really nice, like really nice, they are not too big and fake but the deffinatly make and impression when they are on which is what I love!
I have been trianed to apply individual eyelashes so you would  have thought this would be an easy task for me.. well your wrong hahah I am probably alot more inexpeinced with putting strip lashes on myself than every one of you reading this. haha I have never done it before now, but I dont think I did to badly considering and the whole process only took my about five minutes so I'd say sucess!

Next up is the nail varnish, very different! It is red yes but when it shines in the light you see the gold glitter in it!! AMAZZZING. So when you fingers hit the light its very eye catching! and it took days to chip!!!

My friend Lianne is known for her red lips so I thought she'd be perfect to try out this lipstick.
The colour looks lovley and bright, it stands out and stayed on all night!

We also have the lip stain and the eyeshadow, both a lovley bright pink! and the lipstain is semi permenant, it stays on forever (well, the whole night lol )

if your one for bold, lush, standout colours then this brand is the one for you!

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