Be Dazzled

Okok, so i am feeling better from my cold which is good but i am still unable to take my normal fashion posts (which i love doing) because i still have a rash on my face.. great.

But still, sparkles always make me feel better so I wanted to show you all my cute little bracelet that i was sent a few weeks ago! Its just so cute, i couldnt hold back on posting it on my blog any longer!!  its very feminie, whenever i wear it i feel all princessy, i love all the different colours and how they are split up with silver rings... so sparkely. I will deffiantly be wearing it in some on my outfit posts soon, how can i resist!

It was sent to me from Be Dazzled, they have a whole range of jewllery! your going to love them!
Check out their website Here
Follow their twitter for updates Here 

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