L J Coture at LuXe

Last night me and my friend Georgia went to NaiveAtNight at LuXe, loughton, for the L J Couture launch party, finally a chance to wear one of my Quontum dresses!

LJ Couture make very glamourous special occasion dresses, a great thing about them is they are fully personaliseable, there are around 80 different colours you can have your dress made in, and you can alter it how you like, changing things like necklines and materials!

 The dresses were worn around the club, this gave me a great oppotunity to get some photos although i couldnt find any one wearing them untill a few hours in The dresses are all very beautiful, covered in crystals and made from satin and chiffon materials which looks great when the light shines on them in the club. Each dress was very unique, on the night my favourite one by far was the black corseted one, as i loved the detailing over the top but looking on the photos now i really like the colours in the purple and aqua one, it also has a fitted skirt which i like about it.

A big part of the night weas the goodie bags, everyone had them and i know the girls at LJ couture put alot of effort in when making them up, Definatly worth it! Thankyouuu

 The bags included products from:


  1. Beautiful dresses, looks like fun!

    Have a beautiful Sunday :)

    1. it was a fun night!! and you too! it was lovley out in the sun xxxx

  2. Hi! I love your blog!

    Following you already! Hope you can follow mine too! x

    1. Thankyou!
      of course i will follow you back :)


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