Nouvella Nails

Finally, Im nearly completely over my cold, i feel normal again and can leave the house in somthing other than a tracksuit, One problem i still have it the red rash on my face but its going down Woohooo! it really didnt look nice

Anyway, i thoguth i might ask my mum to do my toenails for me and seeing as im going on holiday soon i guess it was a good time to ask!

I recently recieved these shiney splatter nail wraps from Nouvella Nails they were really cool pattern and my mum had just put silver on her own toes, i liked the look, so i tried these out. I find nail wraps are a lot harder to put on than they look, but the finished product looks very effective. I love how it came out! and thanks to my mum for doing it for me! Its kinda hard to do your own toe nails

The Wraps

Heating the wraps to make them sticky

Cutting them to fit

Finished :)

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