Dirty Laundry Apparel

Ok so i thought just becuase im not going to any festivals this year dosent mean i miss out on the festival style. 
To be fair, i have never been to a festival so all i know about the style is from the few photos i see in magazines and from friends. Well, that isnt exactly true, the photos i see from friends normally show them either covered in mud or wrapped up in raincoats, so i guess the only style i see IS from magazines.

Anyway i thought id give it a go my self with my cool new top from up and coming Dirty Laundry Apperel. They are fairly new and working on some new top as we speak. Although there arnt many out at the moment, what they do have, i love! you should go and check them out!

Im wearing my top with my new wellies Pauls Boutique - one of my favourite quirky brands, i love that everything is so colourful or patterened. And my favourite shorts are from H&M were £5 down from £20 woo

 Was not entirely sure this look was going to work but i had fun with it and am really happy with the outcome!!
what do you think?

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  1. WOW I do like your girlie pink Wellingtons, they'd look really sexy worn with denim Hotpants and thin black Tights.


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