The King William

The sun came out today, how amazing and i wanted to be outside! So after an hour or so of deliberating, me and Andrew decided on the King William pub at the end of my raod, a favourite with the TOWIE lot. Thougth i didnt see any of them, i did enjoy looking at what everyone was wearing, they were all very dressed up with high heels and tight dresses and sunglasses, eating salads and drinking wine in the sun. We ended up being there for around 5 hours in the end, it was a lovley day!

Also check out Topaz and Mays post on different size girls on the same trend, such a great idea and i was lucky enough to feature!

Todays Outfits came from:

Bralet - Motel Rocks
Skirt - BooHoo
Wedge Flip Flops - Asda
Sun Glasses - Primark


  1. Lovely outfit!

    Topazandmay is a great site, thanks for recommendation!


  2. Following your lovely blog through IFB Forum! Check us out &follow too...


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