Totes Amazing

Today i went to Lakeside with Andrew and Alice! We started by running stright to Nandos.. cant shop on an empty stomach and anyway, it was a good excuse, Ive been having withdrawals, was thinking about chicken wings all morning hahah...  Moving on..

I wore my red Motel Rocks dress because it is just so easy, its a ready made outfit and it looks good as well as being really comfortable. Paired with my favourite black pumps from Primark, cool red sunglasses also from Primark and my cute new tote bag from Cute Pretty Things, and its true they have such cute stuff, accessorise, super amazing dresses, and even little bits and bobs for pets. For a chance to win a tote bag for yourself just follow CutePrettyThing on twitter!

A tote is perfect for shopping so it was a great time to use it! Light but Roomy for all my stuff, althought i didnt buy much, i did however, get a bra from La Senza for £5 in the sale!! it was a Pussycat dolls one that ive wanted for years FINALLY!!! 


  1. Cute! That's a great bag (: Found you on IFB and I've followed, would love if you could follow back: Thanks!

  2. I hadn't heard of Cute Pretty Things before, what a great discovery!

    Carousel Secrets

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    1. thankyou very much! so loveley of you to say xx

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    1. aghhh i deleted your comment by accident :( ow do i get it back ?!?! xxxxxxx


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