This week has been so hot in london we didnt really have an excuse not to have a bbq. I nearly missed it as I woke up soo ill but recovered thought the day and joined later! 

I finally got a chance to wear my Jones + Jones dress which i love so much! It was the perfect occasion. I wore with a bikini top underneath so I had some protection and again, I wore my primark flip flops and sunglasses, they are like my essentials in the summer.

Whenever I go to Pauls house I make it my first job of the day to get a photo on the unicorn that lives in his garden and wearing my lovley dress, this time it really was essential! After that I sat in the shade and ate a burger hhaha at least there were no turtles at Pauls.

Tomorow i am going on holiday! i will be back to blogging when i return in a weeek. Please feel free to leave lots of comments while im gone! & when i come back i have some lovley products to show you all!!


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