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The guys at Rental Cars have put together this fun quiz about different food around the world and to go with it, they have asked me about my favourite dishes from around the world are.

I know this one isnt too exciting but I love paella. Like I really love it to the point of eating it at any opportunity I get. Seafood is my favourite but I dont mind a bit of chicken here and there because honestly it's all about the rice for me. While we were in Mallorca this summer, we found a lovely fish restaurant near the beach in Magaluf and that's where this one came from. I managed to get Andrew to share a paella with me on 3 out of our 5 nights but this was definitely the best of the three. Just look at  those big juicy prawns!

Mango & Sticky Rice
Next up and one of my favourite food discoveries is mango and sticky rice which I  tried whilst in Thailand last summer. We heard alot about it at the start of our trip but I wasn't too keen to try it until we ended up on a boat with nothing to eat but fruit (and these weird little balls of rice) and that was just not cutting it with me - when I am hungry, I need something with a bit of substance. It must have been fate because after trying it in desperation (the two dishes to the left of the photo) it became my favourite dish of the trip and I sought it out everywhere we ate afterwards. I even attempted to make my own when we got home and it didn't taste bad although the mangoes here are nothing compared to the amazing fresh ones in Thailand.

Pizza in Italy 
We was in Naples for the afternoon and of course with pizza all around us, we were tempted. I thought this was going to taste the same as it does at home, a pizzas a pizza right?! Actually for €4 for a whole pizza, I thought it was going to be a bit crappy but we were hungry so we ordered a few. It had a thin base and was just plain cheese and tomato but it was the best pizza I have ever eaten and everyone (all 10 of us) agreed and promptly ordered ourselves one each. Who'd have thought I'd actually be able to find a photo of that actual pizza from over two years ago?! Doesn't look very impressive does it?

I'd grown up hearing my parents go on and on about these things but it wasn't until I finally got to visit Israel that I got to try one for myself and all of a sudden I understood exactly what thay had been talking about. It looks pretty much like a doner kebab but it us so much more than that. They were sold along the beach in nice little shops (not the usual dirty kebab place) and they usually come covered in tahini. OMGSOGOOD
Wheres Your Favourite Dish From?

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  1. I love paella too, one of the ones I had this summer was with cuttlefish, a speciality of the are we were in, not something that I would normally have chosen but it was delicious!
    Sheila Reeves @CakeReev


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