Hallowe'en Treats

I love my snacks and I love them even more than usual when they are themed - it just makes everything so much more exciting! So with Halloween coming around fast I thought I would chat to you guys about some of the halloween treats I have been indulging in this year!

Bettys is a place I have always wanted to visit for their selection of cakes, their pretty tea rooms and of course the afternoon tea but sadly I have never been close enough to be able to make a trip in. Luckily for me, you can still buy their tasty and amazing looking treats online.y
I was pretty excited when they said they wanted to send me a few of their halloween specials and rightly so! After I took these photos I scoffed quite alot of it.

They send me a giant handcrafted chocolate Owl which I thought was super cute and of course very halloween, I'm not sure how but it is some of the most delicious chocolate I have ever eaten. I also love that its not thin like an easter egg, the chocolate was so thick that I snapped two of my nails trying to break in to it, now I call that dedication. 

I also got some milk Chocolate Frogs dusted with a green and gold shimmer - they made me feel like I was on my way to hogwarts haha, also as tasty as the owl and lastly a pack of their Stars and moon biscuits which were my favourite, I love iced biscuts and these were so lovely and buttery with a nice layer of icing on top. How cute are they?!

We love jaffa cakes in the office so these arrived to me at work and they went down pretty well in the office, I took my photos and before I knew it, 9 had disappeared. I've never had a jaffa cake bar before, I went straight in for the orange one because it's what I know but I was pleased I decided to try a lime one too becuase they are also great! One last thing to mention was the amazing haunted house packaging - how imaginative and I'm sure all the trick or treating kids will love that!
If you read my snacks at work post then you will know that Juanita goes to Waitrose and comes back with bags of food!She picked me up this cute pumpkin chocolate today which was actually really nice and had mini smarties in and she also gave me my first ever screme egg last week! I love a creme egg and all but the green insdie was a little bit off putting for me haha

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