FASHION: PJ Wishlist

I've been spending lots of time browsing online recently and have spotted that alot of my favourite high street stores are now doing nightwear which is exciting becuase I usually just wear one of Andrew's many old tees and a pair of shorts. It's definitely time to stock up on somthing pretty to wear for bed.
1: I was shopping with my grandparents last week when I spotted that River Island were now doing pjs. I loved the pretty design on this set and there were also matching trousers too for when it starts to get cold!

2: I'm sure you've seen me moan about my room set up on here before so an eye mask is actually an essential for me. I currently have a Frozen one from Primark and I havent spotted this in store yet but I really want to get my hands on one! It's part of Gabbys collaboration with Primark. Isn't it so cute?

3: and this one is another eye mask but its much more luxurious in silk which feels lovely and is great for allowing your skin to breath. This one is from Charlotte and Co.

4: This set is so cute! I love the soft dusty pink and the silky material although I dont think this is one that I am going to be able to wear at home.

5: This one is quite possibly my favourite of them all. Its a little two piece set with shorts and a crop top. These things look like you could definitely wear them out!

6: Same with this one, I'm sure you could go clubbing in something like this if you were brave enough. I love the colour of this one and it just looks so comfy to wear.

7: Another one from River island. I love the print and again the satin material

8: I havent worn a night dress style for years but I used to live in them when I was younger. This one is very me and says Champagne For Breakfast on it

9: These are just so cute and look super warm for the winter. I'm not sure how long they will last with Molly around though, she would definitely think they are a toy.

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