5 Things In September

Caroline & Tim's Wedding

Remember I went to Andrew's sister hen party in August? Well September brought their wedding!

 The couple met while at Oxford Uni so thats where they decided to get married, and I don't blame them - I seriously had no idea how beautiful Oxford was until we loaded up the car and drove down there for the weekend! It was so exciting - like going on a mini road trip.
After we arrived and settled into our rooms, we went off the for wedding rehersal and then all had a meal at Cafe Rouge together before going back to bed ready for the big day.

I spent the morning getting ready with the girls and of course this meant I was one of the first to see Caroline ready in her dress and she looked so lovely in her beautiful strapless dress with pretty lace and bead detailed overlay.

The whole weekend was lovely right from beginning to end and I was so happy to be a part of it!

P.S How cute is the card I got them!

Joes Southern Dessert

I was having a pretty shitty day on Tuesday. I was at the pharmacy during my lunch break trying to get someone to see me and desperatly calling for an emergency doctors  appointment for when I got home from work.

Obvs I was looking through twitter while I was in the que, trying to take my mind off of it and I somehow got into a conversation with Joes Southern - A resturant in Covent Garden. Anyway, it ended with them delivering me an Oreo ice cream crush dessert to my desk later that day. It was pretty delicious and totally took my mind off of my problems - Such a kind thing to do so a huge thanks to them!
Turns out at the age of 22, I have a few big black varicose veins on my leg and I am stressing out about it. Apparently they are more common when you are pregnant, older or standing up all day so that just made me even more worried about why I have them in the first place. They are really unsightly and I am desperate for them to dissapear. So of course I've already started doing some research on varicose vein removal methods. I definitely want a second opinion of whether thats what they really are and how I should go about fixing it before I do anything. I'm not too worried at the moment but I know when summer comes rolling back around I am going to be stressing. As much as I am hoping, ignoring them is not going to get rid of them so hopfully I can sort another trip to the doctors and see someone more helpful who might be able to put me in the right direction rather than saying "They're Varicose Veins" then pushing me out of the door becuase it was nearly 7pm. 

Starbucks PSL

Ok guys, let me brake it to you slowly, before last week, I had never tried a Pumpkin Spiced Latte. It just sounded too spicy for me but when Starbs got in touch and offered to send me some for my office crew and I (lol), a day before they launched into stores, I thought I might as well give it a try and it wasnt that bad! Actually - it wasnt bad at all, I'm not a big coffee drinker but I quite liked it as it wasnt too much coffee and had a really nice flavour. Also, how pretty are the new cups?! I just want to buy a pack of felt tips and colour it in.

Anniversary Part 1 & 2
September marked Andrew and I's six year anniversary and similarly to my birthday, I like to drag the celebrations out for as long as I can.

On the actual day, Andrew booked a surprise restaurant for us which happened to be just down the road from work! As huge Gaucho fans, we had been talking about a trip to STK for months, years even but we never really got around to it so it was a great idea for our anniversary meal.

We had read alot of bad reviews but both of us really enjoyed everything we ate! There was a great choice of starters and some really delicious sides to go with our steaks. It was so good that I couldnt even manage a dessert, and thats saying something!
Last weekend we had booked a hotel with a voucher from Christmas so we both took a half day and enjoyed our afternoon stuffing our faces and messing around in the hotel spa and jacuzzi. Not for too long though as we had to get ready for another surprise restaurant that Andrew had picked for that evening.

He is getting really good at the surprise thing becuase he picked a place called Kenza for that evening. It is a morrocan underground restaurant in liverpool street and it was totally different to anything we had ever eaten together. The tables we all in little coves lit with candles. After a delicious meal, they turned up the music ready for the belly dancing. Such a fun evening!

My Face On Soap & Glory

This made me so happy haha. During the week, I popped into the Boots press day, at The ME Hotel (Same place as STK) for a little look around. It was full of all the christmas gift sets and the Soap & Glory stand were printing out our photos on their Clean On Me bottles - there was no way I was leaving without one of those! 

Keep an eye out for some of the other products for the press day coming up soon here ina  Giftset Gift Guide!


  1. What an adorable wedding, I love Oxford! I love those cards, I got one for my 21'st - theyr'e so fun!

    Sophie x

  2. Those invites are the cutest I've ever seen!!


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