FASHION: Vantage Fashion Pastel Blue Smock Dress

ohh it's starting to get a little bit chilly again and for someone who has been avoiding her skinny jeans since early June that is not a good thing! I tried to start wearing them again this week but it got so bad that I had to take them off mid dinner (in Mayfair) with Andrew and switch into leggings because they were just so uncomfortable - which he thought was hilarious! I really need to find a pair of super comfy skinnies!

Another issue I have is I absolutely hate wearing tights so if I'm going to wear a dress it's going to be bare legged. What a dilemma! This dress here helps my situation by at least keeping the top half of my body warm with its lovely long sleeves! I love how big and floaty this is and how even though its a very day time outfit, its a little bit more dressed with my cute little white heels! Perfect for a day at Lakeside I'd say! 

Dress* - Vantage Fashion
Heels - SpyLoveBuy


  1. Such a pretty dress! as for jeans, have you tried topshops joni? I like their leigh jeans too xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. Ahhh Love that dress! I love short and sweet and vintage too! The colour suits your hair too!


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