LIFESTYLE: #MomentsThatMatter

August was a big month for me, even more so this year, so when Sure got in touch about their Moments That Matter campaign, it was the perfect timing!

I was challenged to capture all the big #MomentsThatMatter to me and share them here with you! To help me along my way, they send me a package of very helpful goodies which definitely came in useful!

Starting a new job!
Finally! After being unemployed for so long I've finally found myself a little part time job at Boost! My deodorant obviously came in handy for keeping me fresh all day whilst I was running around plus my yummy bounce ball gave me the extra energy I needed during my lunch break!

My 21st!
So this is part 1 which my parents made perfect for me! After a morning of opening cards and presents we got all dressed up and drove into town for Afternoon tea at The Ritz! The hotel itself and the food were both amazing and it was such an experience as it was something that I have wanted to do for a while. There was endless food and I even got a surprise birthday cake at the end!

I definitely had alot of use for a couple of the things in my inspiration box that day, firstly the deodorant which I now use every day and secondly the rollasole shoes were a great help when my dad parked a 10 minute walk down the road! I just slipped them on and then changed into my heels as we got a little bit closer haha. I wore my amaaazing Vesper Two piece (and my trusty ASDA heels) which was so super comfortable, I didnt think it was even possible for something so tight to feel so great on, all my Vesper dresses are the same plus the amazing placement of the peplum meant I could wear a crop top and still hide my afternoon tea bloating (Which is one of the worst kinds hah)!
I had an amazing day and to top it all off, when we got home Andrew came over straight from work with lots of amazing presents and a giant cookie! mmm

My 21st Part 2

Since Andrew was working on my actual birthday, he planned the most amazing weekend for us a few days after. Whisked off to the Sanderson Hotel for two relaxing nights in this crazy hotel, we went to my favourite places for dinner, had breakfasts in the hotel, went out and got drunk in soho followed by a champagne and strawberry fuelled trip to the spa the next morning! We had the best weekend ever! 

Have You Had Any Moments That Matter Recently? 

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  1. looks like you had a lovely birthday - happy 21st! x


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