LIFESTYLE: #LittleThings With Frexinet

This summer, the UK’s leading sparkling wine brand, Freixenet, have been inviting the nation to celebrate the #LittleThings in life. Whether it’s jumping onto a train carriage just as the doors close, your toast falling butter side up or finding that piece of clothing you’ve wanted for ages is now on sale, we think they’re worth celebrating!

So they challenged me to document the moments that give you that secret “yes” feeling here on my blog! This was such a lovely challenge and super easy for me as I realised that I am used to taking snaps on my phone when something makes me smile, so all I had to do was look though my recent photos and see what #LittleThings have made me smile lately!
Andrews sister brought me back a super gift from a trip I didn't realise she had been on so it was a lovely surprise when she said "oh we brought you this back from America" A new scent for my collection and she picked well, I love anything apple flavored!
Frexinet also had an event which I went along to with Charlotte! There was lots of food and Frexinet drinks plus crazy golf! Drunk crazy golf is lots of fun plus we had the best pizza ever - Mushroom and Truffle Oil mmmmm.
Andrew took me to Disney which definitely wasn't a little thing - it was a big, huge thing although just before we left he took me to all the shops and bought me presents which was super sweet!
Plus how happy Molly was to see him when we got home.
 and then we tried to have one last BBQ before winter but it did start to rain haha
Trying to have our Saturday afternoon nap and Molly wanted to join in. Look at her staring at me haha She loves Andrew.
Annddd Date night with Andrew! He took me out for a giant steak at Gaucho and then to Kanaloa for drinks and pretending we were in Hawaii!

What #LittleThings Make You Happy?


  1. I like the nails.

  2. Disney yayyy!! Looking forward going to Disney, being at Disney and watching Disney films make me happy! And wine does. Going to DLP again in 10 days whoop - there's us 5 then my parents, my sister and niece going this time.


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