LIFESTYLE: What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

When L&G asked what advice I would tell my younger self I was a little bit stuck for words - like most teenagers I had lots of amazing super fun times as well as lots of depressed for no reason days, listening to Hawthorne Heights, BFMV and DanceGavinDance to make me feel better (which I still do now).

I have always done what I wanted to do - at 13 I was given a lip gloss by my group of friends who were obsessed as most 13 year old girls are and I didn't want to put in on. So I didn't. But being true to myself brought repercussions, I really didn't want to wear it but I didn't want everyone to think I was weird, which did happen in the end - I never fitted in. That brings me to the one thing I think would have been useful to know - I would have told me younger self to stop caring about that horrible bunch of girls who you want to like you but you know deep down that they don't, stop going on facebook and getting upset about all the photos that they uploaded from last nights sleepover that you wasn't invited too. If I just stopped caring what they thought, I would have been much happier and that's just what I did - I just wish I had realised sooner - just concentrated on the fun things and Andrew believe me - I have seen such a difference! 


  1. Aww brilliant post hun, might have to give this a go! If only we could go back to school and do it all again know what we know now x


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