LIFESTYLE: Kindest Of Strangers Part 1

Anthony Nolan is a blood cancer charity and bone marrow register that helps thousands of people all over the UK every year. As part of their big campaign this year, which is called Kindness of Strangers, they have launched a video (I've embedding it in the post below) consisting of several people sharing their personal experiences of situations where they have received an act of goodwill or kindness from a stranger, and when they have helped someone in the past.

As part of this campaign they have asked me to blog about a random act of kindness that a stranger once did for me and one that I have done for someone else so this is part 1 of 2. This email came at quite a relevant time after a little event last week:

My room is right at the front of our house and I love just standing at my window looking out at whats going on, we have been here less than a year so everything is still really interesting to see  - whether its someone walking their dog and Molly barking at them from downstairs, new people moving in across the road or just watching the rain fall and the sun set against a different background but last weeks view wasn't so nice.

I was getting ready to take Molly to the vets with my dad for a little check up. I popped into my bathroom to put my lenses in, came back to my window to see a woman laying in the middle of the road outside. What a shock, I had no idea what was going on, there wasn't any screams or crashes and thankfully there no blood so that was a great relief but still! I ran downstairs to tell my dad who ran out to see her, she was totally unconscious. 

We called an ambulance for her and ran back in to get her a pillow, then it started to pour down so we got a big umbrella and my dad sat outside holding it over her until the ambulance came and took her to hospital! I haven't heard anything else about it since, although a few neighbours came by later that evening to say thank you for staying with her all that time.
Have you ever done something kind for someone or had someone do something really kind for you? 

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