FASHION: Ways To Wear My Midi Skater Skirt

Thought I might try a "ways to wear" post for the first time on my blog since I picked up this very bright midi skirt from the last VERY VIP event and I just couldn't decide whether it was a day time or a night time skirt so I just tried both!

I paired it with a long sleeve crop top from New Look which was actually the first crop top I ever  bought. It's great for keeping warm! For my shoes, I wore my everyday chunky black boots from Missguided! For me, this is a great outfit for shopping!

Of course it's another crop top - for me, the only way to wear a midi or anything high waisted is with a crop top! This time it's more of a bralet style from Motel Rocks with my heels which I'm sure you recognise from ASDA 

Which Do You Prefer?


  1. I love the evening wear outfit it's gorgeous, what a lovely midi xxx

    Blonde of carbs

  2. I prefer the daytime look but both are gorgeous and what a great skirt, love the colour! follow back :) x

  3. I love both looks equal amounts, that skirt is a beauty!

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  5. I love the evening wear outfit. Im dying to get a midi skirt this Autumn , I think they look absolutely stunning x

    Caitriona Tighe

  6. Lovely midi, easily dressed up or down. I think I like the long sleeved crop more. KBxx

  7. O wow that skirt is practically FLUORESCENT! I love the second outfit personally but you pull of either really well :)

    Emma | The Fashion Six


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