LIFESTYLE: Halloween Outfits From Ann Summers

A few weeks ago I was invited to pop into the oxford street Ann Summers store and pick out a few things for Halloween! The store itself is in a great location based on oxford street right in the middle of oxford street and Tottenham court road stations and its a huge store with  a bit upstairs and a downstairs. The staff were great and showed me straight to the Halloween dress up section and ran forward and backwards into the store room when I asked haha They also had no issue with me spending 45 minutes in the huge changing room deciding on what I wanted! 
 In the end I went for two black outfits! The first one is called The Enchanting Witch which costs £40 down to £20 this close to Halloween (or if you shop online you get even more off by using vouchers from this website). It has lots of lace and a velvet insert through the front. The bottom has a super puffy pinky, purple and black tulle skirt overlay which gets longer at the back and it comes with a matching little headband hat. I added the Bones Hold Ups to keep my legs warm!
And outfit two is called Fallen Angel and its the same price. This one comes with fluffy black wings and a black halo which match with the fluffy edging on the top of the dress! This look would have been perfect with a pair of fluffy heels too - if only I had some!

The front consists of two panels of velvet with a glitter spider web pattern which is laced together leaving a little gap though the middle. I would recommend, unlike me, you would were a black bra if you were to wear one!
What Are You Wearing This Halloween?


  1. These are both gorgeous, i'm so jealous!
    The service is always amazing in Anne Summers

  2. The enchanting witch one is my favourite, gorgeous xx

  3. You look great in both costumes but the Enchanting Witch is definitely my favorite... I think it's the color!! ;)


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