LIFESTYLE: Chatime Bubble Tea, Soho

When Georgia's back there's always somewhere new to explore! This time we were invited along to a Bubble Tea Store in Soho called Chatime! Very exciting since it is such a huge craze at the moment and I seem to be the only person who has never tried it before but now I have. I've tired it all haha.

The good thing with bubble tea here is that you can completely personalise it from whether you want it hot or cold to the different bubbles or jelly cubs in the bottom, the sugar level in the tea and the toppings.. soo much choice! That's why we just had to try as many as possible and after all the different variations, my favourite one just so happened to be the first one we tried and the stores most popular - The plain cold milk tea with pearl (tapioca bubbles) and Georgia's fave wasn't far off either - she loved the same but with the hazelnut syrup!

My next favourite was a thick chocolate drink which was really lovely and creamy with a white moose (they called it Pudding) on top - this was probably the sweetest drink we tried! Another was the Lychee tea with the square jelly things and we tried a mango one too, both of these were refreshing. We also tried a strawberry smoothie and a few others as well! When it was time to leave, the lovely girls in the store insisted we take them all with us and they re-topped them so they were secure to travel! With far to many, we kept our favorites and gave some to a homeless man!

Later this year, they are hoping to open other stores in Shoreditch and Oxford street which are both great locations. I will definitely be popping back in!

London Soho
11, Old Compton Street, London, W1D 5JF


  1. Next time you're in Soho give me a shout, I'm just round the corner!

  2. I've never tried Bubble Tea either but it does seem to be a massive craze! I might have to give it a go! x

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