LIFESTYLE: Halloween Outfits From ASDA

When George At ASDA offered to send Molly and I Halloween outfits I was super excited, I tried very hard to get matching once obvs - I didn't get it quite right but who cares, we can rewrite the story - Little red riding hood and her devil dog! 

The dog outfits were super easy to put on and we didn't have any struggling what so ever - Molly loved her cape but wasn't such a fan of the horns even though she did look super cute! I loved my outfit - super comfortable, not restricting and great for a both a family party and a club one! 

ASDA are always the amazing for the full Halloween package from the food and decorations to the outfits and all the extras - and at £20 for both these outfits, its amazing value for money!


  1. Wow you look stunning and your dog looks so cute :D


  2. Wow how cute are you! Your dog is super adorable too :)
    You both look great and ready for Halloween!


  3. Oh my gosh how absolutely adorable!!!! x


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