LIFESTYLE: The Travelodge, Covent Garden

When Travelodge got in touch to ask me to come and review a night at one of their hotels, I was very excited! I spent a while thinking about where might be best, maybe Brighton or somewhere we hadn't been before but I just love being in London and having the opportunity to stay out as long as we wanted and not have to worry about the night bus was just too appealing! I picked Covent Garden since there was a restaurant we had both been wanting to try out for ages there plus there's always loads going on there in the evening too! The hotel was in a great location about a minutes walk away from the plaza part which is always a plus!

A Travelodge, for me, is somewhere that I would book for one night only if I was going out clubbing and wanted to stay out over night or maybe for a work stay, although there were lots of tourists there as well. The rooms were super small which explains my lack of photos - my phone camera is a little zoomed in and there just wasn't enough room to stand back and get a good view of the room - although I think this might just be because it was London as I saw someone else stayed at the Brighton branch and their room looked huge! Otherwise, the room itself was nice and clean, had a big white bed and that's all I was hoping for really as we were only going to be using the room to relax and sleep in.  It had all the basics like tea and coffee for two and there was enough room to hang up an outfit or two each on the little rail! There was a nice sized mirror and a TV plus a little shower room and toilet.

Have You Stayed At A Travellodge Before?


  1. looks like you had a lovely time!

    over on my blog i am having a real techniques, YSL and barry m giveaway


  2. I get what you mean, I've stayed at the one in Leeds which was nice. It was a decent size but I felt my other friend's room was bigger but maybe that was because it had a different layout. I hope you enjoyed it regardless though :) I agree, they are ideal for after a night out or event :)

  3. looks like you had a great time! always nice to get away. I think i've stayed at travelodge before! x
    - Andrea


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