FASHION: #NightsBeforeXmas With Boohoo

Upload an instagram showing how you're spending your #NightsBeforeXmas - Remember to use the #NightsBeforeXmas, tag @boohooOfficial and your location for your chance to win £500 towards your ultimate Pre-christmas Night.

How Would You Spend It?


  1. Have a happy December & a great holidays


    P.S. Follow on instagram 2 ? ( @nanyslife )

  2. Aha love that hangover tea!!!

  3. One of my favorite vintage clothes shops in Toronto is Black Market Vintage, where I purchased this hideous yet endearing Christmas jumper. Since I wear it every year, it could be the greatest $10 I've ever spent at a vintage shop. I actually bought it almost 6 years ago for $10. Put on your ugly Christmas sweater over a white turtleneck and white jeans to dress it up for your Zoom (or IRL) workplace party. In order to avoid looking like a complete snowman with all the white on white, I also tossed on these cognac boots. Get Touhou PC or play mobile games on desktop here.


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