LUSH: Northern Lights Bath Ballistic

I have been wanting to try out Northern Lights from Lush for a few weeks now! As with my sparkler ballistic from Lush, at first I wasn't really interested - I think the shape made me think it wouldn't be great as it wasn't a classic bath ballistic shape but with both of them I have been wrong and they are now both two of my favourites - Never judge a book by its cover eh?

It was only after I used the Sparkler that I decided that I wanted to try this one but it was so hard to get hold! I couldnt find it anywhere in London, it was only when I wondered into Lush with andrew while we were in Brighton that I spotted one! Great timing since we were having a relaxing weekend away! 

As I dropped it in, I could smell the super relaxing jasmine and ylang ylang scent! It started foaming lovely pastel colours which got darker and darker - bright purple with blue and yellow shooting out of each end! I didn't see any stars or the popping candy like the description says but the colours were pretty impressive and thats what I wanted, it also took forever to finish fizzing which I like as I love watching them. I'm definitely looking forward to using another one of these!

A magical bath bomb named after a magical thing! I would love to see the northern lights for real one day! 

Have You Used Northern Lights?

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  1. I really want to try Northern Lights, love the colours it releases! Looks lovely and therapeutic xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks


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