Everyone got their plains ready for tonight? I have just about but it was a bit of a rush although I'm super excited for what Andrew and I have planned. Were going to one of our favourite restaurants and then on to one of our favourite cocktails bars in the Oxford street/regents street area! We're not really a crazy clubbing kind of couple although we do like a cocktail or two and as you probably know, we looove going out for food so that suits us well. Obviously I want to dress up so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect outfit but Diet Coke have helped me out in the other parts of getting ready department! A couple of bottle of coke which will be coming to Andrew's with me while we get ready and then a couple of other essentials. For me, pretty nail polish is a must and OPI are always great! Also, a red lip is pretty essential for a statement NYE look and ruby woo is one of the best although I've never worn anything on my lips before so we'll see if I'm brave enough on the night!
As for my eyes, the lovely girls at ASOS sent me a few extra NYE essentials in a brand new Barry M blink liner which I use everyday - I just find it so easy to apply and have gotten through two already this year so I was in dire need of a new one - perfect timing as they come out much blacker when they are new! I also spotted Benefits Bad Gal mascara on the site which I was really interested in, I don't wear mascara everyday but when I do, it'll always be "They're Real" by Benefit so I'm super excited to see if this one is as good! One great thing about the mascara is that it comes in a set with a full sized on and a mini handbag one which is perfect since I'm currently at Andrews and getting ready here tonight so I just threw it in my bag is it didn't take up any room at all! (sorry for the terrible photos, as I said, I'm at Andrews with no photos of what I need so I'm using my phone!)
 For the outfit, I am still really unsure - I have a few ideas but I'm not sure what one I'm going with yet - I'm sure you'll see later on if  you follow me on twitter or instagram but if not I am planning a whole post on the options I have and will include some photos of what I actually ended up wearing on the night! 

Hope everyone has a lovey evening tonight and Happy New Year!

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