Annnd here is part 2 of my gift guide series!

Bomb Cosmetics Giant Cracker

When this arrived the first thing that hit me was the smell, so strong and fruity mm. I love the packaging design of a giant pink cracker and the lovely gold tinsel added that christmassy touch! Inside you get three bath bombs - Its Xmas, Cherry Bathewell and Fresh Berrys. The whole set itself costs £7.99 from

Paul Hollywood - How To Bake

I was gifted this book by Suppose to add into my gift guide here. Suppose keep track of online prices  so you get the best price for your product! As soon as it arrived though the door my mum wanted a look though it. I love GBBO - so do you and so does your mum (and mine) and you girl friends and everyone else you know! So this book is great for everyone! So many easy recipes and lovely photos throughout, I'm looking forward to trying out some of them for myself in the new year!
Superdry Bag

When I saw this bag online, I knew it would make the perfect gift for Andrew (and most other men) since he's going to the gym more and more and if he didn't use it for the gym then it would make a perfect overnight bag for our little hotel trips! Its a great size and made out of a leathery quilted material which gives it a real luxury feel! The lining is in the usual Superdry orange as well as the usual Superdry branding all over it which I love! There are lots of pockets all over, an adjustable strap and two carry handles. This is the perfect gift for a hard to buy for man!
Perfume Discover Club with Fragrance Direct

This is a really great idea!! You get lots of different perfume samples so you can try them all before you go and spend loads of money on one big bottle - plus you end up with lots of little perfect handbag sized sample - win,win!

Hotel Chocolat
So December has started but that doesnt mean its too late to run out for an Advent Calendar - Especially that Hotel Chocolat one. I have the milk chocolate one here and they are so good, I love that you actually get an substantial sized treat each morning! As well as their calendars, every year I get a box of Tiddly chocolate animals from Andrew mum and they are super tasty and oh so cute! Also, if you were to order online, the delivery is fast and it all arrived in this lovely box with the option to add a message in the little card - a super easy ready made gift

Crabtree & Evelyn

These are a new brand that I have recently discovered and I think they are so perfect! I've actually only started working with them since the Christmas range has been released so I haven't seen too much of the all year around stock but these Christmas products are amazing! I love anything that comes in a tin that you can keep afterward for one plus they have such christmassy designs on them. Each product feels classy and super expensive plus they smell amazing! These are the perfect gift for mums or more so in my case boyfriends mum - this is definitely Andrew mum's kind of thing.


Everything and anything from Lush would make for a good gift but snow fairy is limited edition for Chrsitmas makes the perfect little gift! Its pink, glittery and smells super sweet like pear drops - I haven't met anyone who doesn't like it!
The girls at Lush actually sent me a cheeky little christmas gift this year in the form of their Snowman FUN bar - This comes in all different colours but for christmas they have a snowman version which smells amazing - another lovely gift! Lush is the easiest gift to buy for girls because everyone loves a Lush bath!

Pet Head Products (Gifts For Pet Owners)
These came from Pets at Home and are so cute! I love the bright colours and the packaging plus they smell amazing - both very sweet and fruity! I think these are going to be perfect for my parents and I'm hoping Molly will be pretty pleased with them too since I caught my mum washing her with fairy liquid in a rush after a walk the other day haha poor Molly.  

Dog Toys

Molly loves new toys all though the year so getting her a few new ones at Christmas is a must! I got these online from Feedem and she loves them which is good! She has a thing for the pig toys but she always breaks them so I had to get her one of those plus how cute are the other two!

Have Your Finished Your Christmas Shopping?

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