BEAUTY: Sure Invisible Black & White Diamond

As I'm sure you guys will know from the TV ads at least - Sure have launched their Invisible Black + White Diamond deodorant and as part of their new campaign they set me a challenge here on my blog! They asked me to post 'your idea of my life in black + white'

Firstly I just wanted to say that this is now the deodorant that I use everyday and it works great for me! The whole no stain thing is a lifesaver considering I wear so much black and I'm usually in a rush so saving that extra five minutes that I'm usually trying to get rid of the white powder on my top is great. As well as that it's 48 hour protection which is great for me - Obvs I'm not going to leave it 48 hours but while I'm working in Selfridges at the moment, we have to leave our stuff in  a locker which we are not allowed to go back to until we leave so a deodorant that lasts is a must!
Now to the task at hand - this is the kind of thing I could get really lovely dovey about and post a photo of Andrew but I didn't want a soppy blog post, they also suggested some examples like day V.s night selfies or black and white beauty essentials but I had other ideas. The night before I got this email I was on the train into London and just thinking about how much I love getting on the tube. Doesn't that sounds weird - Ok I don't love getting the tube but I do love that the tube is so easy for me to get. Everyone hates getting the train into London but I just feel so lucky that I can just on the train (just about - we're the last stop on the line) and within an hour I'm in the middle of London. It takes me to work, it takes me to all the blog events, it takes me to dinner, to a club, to see my boyfriend - It takes me to my life. So here it is - My life in Black and White - A photo of the train to took me into London yesterday!



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