Tenerife At Christmas

When my parents decided we are going away over christmas I wasnt sure if I was happy or sad about it! Obviously I am very excited to go on holiday so I'm just going to focus on that and make the most of  the Christmas cheer whilst we're still in the UK. Packing for a summer holiday whilst its snowing outside is a bit of a strange experenice although it does make me excited for some warmth! I thought I'd put together a post with some of my poolside essentials!
This pretty new bikini was sent to me for my holiday by the lovely people at South Beach when I couldn't make their event last month! I have been loving white bikinis for a few years now and this one makes a change with its lovely crochet details. I also love the little gold star beads at the end of the ties! To go with my white swimwear, I'm going with silver nails that way I can look a bit put together but still secretly wear my christmas sparkly. This one is from OPI.

Next up are my Ray Bans. I have always wanted a pair and debated on whether to get them year after year! In the end I finsihed up with two pairs! Both these and my wayfarers are brown because the black is just a little too dark for my colouring. I only take one pair away at a time because I dont actually wear them too often (due to not being able to see) so this time I've picked the Aviators.

and lastly, entertaiment! I only ever read magazines whilst I'm on holiday so I'll be picking up a few more at the airport to finish whilst I'm sunbathing. And for when I'm done with those, out comes the trusty Ipod nano! 

Most of my Christmas was spent around the pool but if I were to go back to Tenerife however, I would love to spend more of my time there exploring. I have since learnt that the Canary Islands are know to have some of the most varied landscapes in the world and as I've grown up, I am much more into seeing what a place has to offer! I'd love to get out of the hotel and eat some local food or join a walking tour and see the volcanic trails.

Tenerife has so much more to offer than the inside of its holiday resorts!

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  1. Wow, that sounds so exciting being on holiday for Christmas, I've never done that before. You'll have to let me know what its like :)
    Also that bikini is gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely time :D


  2. I hope you have fun on your vacation! I love the swimming suit :)



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