LIFESTYLE: Make Your Own Christmas Wreath With Hobbycraft

I was very excited when Hobbycraft got in touch and asked me if I'd love some bits and pieces to make my own wreath! I've never had a wreath on the door before let alone made my own, is it something that most people do? I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out and its now hanging on my bathroom door making my bedroom look all Christmassy.

It was all very easy to do - I went for a tiny one - the wreath itself was already made, just a green ring made of the same stuff as our fake tree and all I had to do was decorate it. I love the look of them with a big bow at the bottom so I ordered a big red one which, when it arrived, I decided was too big so I cut it down a little bit to a super cute size. That just attached with a twisty wire thing. The rest of the decoration was just as simple with little wires on the back so you could twist them around the part you wanted it to stay on. 

It literally only took five minutes but I'm so pleased with how it looks! After I was finished with my decorations, it just hangs on a metal thing and its finished! Ta-dahh

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