New Years Eve 2014

OK! I've turned my laptop back on after nearly three weeks and I'm ready to get started again, finally. It's been a super hectic few weeks obvs and your going to have to bare with me while I get used to actually typing again - I've been finding it a bit hard so far this morning haha. I should start with some holiday photos but as usual, on a family holiday, I didn't really get many interesting ones haha.
My last blog post was on my NYE make up ideas but now I'm going to take you though getting ready and what I actually did on new years eve! As for my outfit I was stuck between two, so I started my day by trying them both on an making a decision. This first one is the one I didn't go with - It's this amaaaazing jumpsuit* from RARE. I loved that it had so many aspects to it with the plunging V neck, the peplum and the sequin body and I am very pleased to say that it actually stays up which I was a bit surprised about. I loved it loads and it was something really different for me but it just wasn't right for the sort of plans I had, I was going for food and cocktails and for me, this is the kind of outfit I'd wear to a club! Isn't it pretty though?

The outfit that I actually ended up wearing was something I bought a few weeks back on a whim. I was literally just scrolling though the Clothing at Tesco site picking up anything that I liked the look of and when it arrived, I noticed that I'd picked out the perfect little top for my night! It's a black crop jumper with gold threat though it which was perfect as the cocktail bar that I went to was going for a black and gold theme! I tried to top with jeans and shorts but finally decided to wear it with a simple black mini skirt and my new boots from ASOS.
 I know I was chatting about my new silver nail polish previously but when I realised it was a black and gold themed night that all changed. The polish that I ended up wearing was actually one of my stand out favourites from the past year so it was quite fitting! Its a gold texture one from Barry M called Majesty and it covers the nails really well. I popped that in my bag for the night along with the other two products I told you about from ASOS! The little mascara sample was great and even small enough to actually keep in my purse. For me, it was great for a more natural look and didn't clump my lashes together! As for the liner, there is no other one I'd use at the moment, its just so easy to apply.

Amongst my outfit and my make up I also wanted to mention my underwear haha. Since either outfit was nice and easy it meant I could wear any shape and colour underwear I fancied. I stuck with my usual every day comfortable fit but opted for this lovely teal set from Ann Summers* (The bra is now just £10 in the sale). I'm not usually one for lace but since teal is my absolute favourite colour, I couldn't resist this! I ordered it online which is very unusual for me and it fitted perfectly - I was very pleased as you can imagine. The cups come with extra removable pads and it was so lovely to find a pair of matching knickers that wasn't a thong.
Now that my outfit and everything else was sorted it was time for a nice relaxing bath before getting ready! I got to use my melting snowman that Andrew bought me as part of my christmas present! He smells like christmas, fizzes up alot more than I expected, left my skin super smooth.

All that's left now is to show you a few photos from the night itself!

 Happy New Year Everyone! 
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  1. Both outfits are so nice! And I love your nail polish - perfect for NYE!


  2. love this post! love your boots and all the beauty products so much xx

    elly from alldeathbydiamonds

  3. Ah, the nights drawing in you can almost feel the cold biting your nose. The leaves are falling and summer holidays are merely a memory. You need to follow this Arborist Rotorua and get more tips to tree removal. It's time for the most spectacular party night of the year. Countdown with me if you will to magnificent New Year's Eve 2014.


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