My New Years Resolutions 2015

Get Things Done

This is something I want to work towards doing all year. There were a few things that I needed sorting last year that I just never got around to so this year, I'm hoping to push a little more to get them done. 

My first task is to fix my sleep. I love my bedroom but it's just sometimes really hard to sleep and that can be sorted if I just push to get a few things done. Firstly I need a new mattress, mine is rock hard and Andrew refused to even sit on it when he comes over because it is so uncomfortable. Secondly I need to get my blinds sorted out - they are also lovely as they are apart from the fact that they don't do their primary job which is to keep it dark. It's my own fault - for some reason I opted for not black out blinds so I need to work on getting that fixed! Hopefully if I can get both of those sorted I can get my sleep more peaceful and my sleeping pattern back on track for 2015.

Get A Job

This is self explanatory, I have been looking for a proper job for such a long time and I just cant seem to get one. So this year I'm going to do all I can to keep positive and carry on looking! Let me know if you know of any in London?
Eat Healthy
After such an indulgent festive period, everyone wants to get January off to a healthy start. It's very hard going to from eating so much of everything and anything, guilt free because its Christmas to trying to cut down and being healthy especially while there's still christmas leftover chocolate around for most of January. I find that it hardest trying to cut out all the sweets, chocolates, desserts and anything sugary so for me it's easier to try to make my main meals healthier and still eat the sweets that I want after. 

It's not all just about loosing weight, I just want to be healthier as a person. Apart from adding lots more veg to my dinner sometimes it's great to replace the meat with Quorn since it's a good source of fiber and protein as well as being is low in fat - especially saturated fat and tastes just as good!

Do You Have Any New Years Resolutions?

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This post is my entry into the Silentnight New Year’s Sleep Resolutions competition


  1. I love eating quorn, it's so filling but so much healthier- definitely a good goal! :) xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. I need to do the sleep thing to my curtains are basically transparent :) Good luck with your resolutions!x

  3. Eating more healthy is definitely one of my New Years Resolutions along with exercising more! Best of luck with your resolutions and finding a new job :) x

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