FASHION: Criminal Damage Sweater, Knee Rip Jeans and Chunky Boots

Sorry to start January with so many black looks here on my blog but this is an outfit that I really love! Styled this way it's great for being in London, keeping me warm and a giving me a little bit of height with the massive, very lightweight and easy to walk in platforms. I would also happily wear this to the pub with the guys and I have actually also worn it for work last year with a pair of converse!

I absolutely love this jumper and Criminal Damage as a brand. I loved them when I was 15, when it used to be skeletal hands on the back of denim shorts and comic print hoodies, all of which I wore very often haha - Although I've grown up and so have they as a brand. After discovering them again last year I have fallen back in love with their new style.

The boots were a Christmas gift from the SpyLoveBuy team which was such a lovely thought. They came with a giant wrapped present which happened to be a chocolate shoe! Another black boot for my very large collection although they are super different from all the others with their massive platform! As I said before, they are very lightweight. I love that they have a timberland look to them which seems to be all the rage these days! 

Jumper - Criminal Damage GetTheLabel*
Jeans - New Look*
Boots - SpyLoveBuy*

Those Criminal Damage Days


  1. those boots are just amazing! x

  2. Love that jumper but the star of the show has to be those beautiful boots xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

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