LIFESTYLE: My Love For Bingo

Two Big Ladies got in touch with me this week to ask what I think about Bingo. I'd say alot of people my age wouldn't have an opinion and just assume it's for older people but see this photo below? That's me and Andrew and all the rest of our friends at our local bingo on my 19th birthday - before we moved on down the road to Faces of course haha that's how much we love bingo.

 Also, that's a major throwback photo, almost two and a half years ago although we really dont look that different haha the only thing I can see from me here is that I'm tanned, I guess that's usually a given with an August birthday. Andrew just has longer hair and his fluorescent green watch that I bought him was still alive!
What do we love about it? Well, I know exactly what I love about it, I know this sounds quite strange but the adrenalin rush when it starts, it all goes so fast and if you miss a number it makes everything 100x harder! Especially when we first started going, working out how the numbers were ordered (which is quite confusing before someone explains it to you, we had to work it out for ourselves) and being able to keep up with all the old ladies, I think I broke into a little sweat the first time! 

Another very exciting aspect is the opportunity to win actual, real money - although between probably the seven of use and the many times we've been, we have only ever won about £15. Still, it's not about the money as much for us, it's just a fun night out with friends. It's easy to get to and back, and when we go on a Thursday night, it's free! Plus going with the boys all adds to the experience, they get really into it and sometimes they get a bit too loud and we all get told off haha.

Do You Love Bingo?
In collaboration with Two Big Ladies


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