LIFESTYLE: Upbeat Protein Drinks

Protein shakes and health drinks are a huge thing at the moment, at first I thought they were all about trying to bulk up but in fact, protein is very important for building new cells, repairing tissue, keeping bones stone and giving you the energy you need for the day. 

You guys know me and my Boost Juice Obsession (I definitely had one yesterday) and I now like to add a spoon of protein into them although I'm not always in town near a Boost when I want one (which is casually twice a day haha, obsessed, I told you) so I was quite interested when Upbeat got in touch and offered to send me a few vouchers to try their on the go protein drink!

Upbeat contains 20g of whey protein as well as being low in fat and only 150 calories per drink. They are a great alternative to snacking on rubbish which I am very guilty of and they are also in a bottle with a lid so it's easy just to throw one in your bag when your running out of the door in a rush!

I had a feeling they might not taste too good but they're flavored with fruit puree and juice from concentrate and actually really aren't bad. There are three flavours - strawberry, mango & passion fruit and blueberry and raspberry. I tried the strawberry one first as that's always the safest option and it tasted like a milkshake. It was fruity, milky and refreshing without that weird processed taste that you get with some ready made drinks - I'm looking forward to trying the others, especially the berry one, that definitely sounds tasty!  

I had mine in during my usual afternoon slump and it made such a difference. Since I currently spend my time blogging in my bedroom, I am quite partial to an afternoon nap but instead of falling asleep at 2pm I was still working away at my laptop, wide awake!

You can get yourself some in Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, The Co-op, WHSmith and more. Upbeat send me a goodie bag with some vouchers so I picked up mine at Holland & Barrett on Oxford Street!
*In Collaboration With Upbeat Drinks


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