BEAUTY: FUSE Gelnamel Kit

Georgia stayed over the week before I went on holiday and when we arrived back at mine, we were greeted by this new FUSE Gelnamel kit that had arrived in the post earlier that day. We got back at 10pm after an evening of drinking cocktails in Mayfair but Georgia decided I had to do her nails there and then.

The process of application is super easy especially if I could do it after a cocktail or 3 haha. The kit comes with everything you need for the full manicure for just £35 (which is the price you'd pay for just one gel manicure in alot nail bars) so there was no faffing around looking for cotton wool and stuff like that. Just buff, cleanse, paint, set and wipe over. Simple as.

As you can see in the photos below, one coats coverage wasn't enough but by the time the second one was applied it looked fine! It didn't take me long at all which was great because I really couldn't be bothered haha Sorry Georgia! Anyway she was happy with them and although I don't really like the colour, they don't look too shabby! 

The set comes with a colour of your choice plus they sell a whole range of other colours separately for £15 each at boots so I'd love to try out some of the purples and blues and possibly some of the glitter shades.

Have You Used A Home Gel Kit?


  1. lovely colour!

  2. Oh I really love the colour once top coat is done, kits like these are so fun! xx
    Blonde Of Carbs

  3. Ooh I like that colour!

    Sophie x


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