FASHION: What To Wear To The Airport

I do love a good fashion challenge so when Qantas Airlines got in touch with their latest one I was super excited, especially since the prize includes two return flights to Australia. My childhood best friend has just moved there as well as one of my old colleagues. They have both made me desperate to visit. It looks and sounds like paradise! As well as the flights they have thrown in accommodation and a tour of the National Gallery of Victoria which is playing host to 'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk'. Most amazing prize ever? I think so!

They sent me an ASOS gift voucher and asked my to pick out my best flight outfit for a trip to Melbourne. I've never been on a 24 hour flight before but I have been on at 14 hour one and one thing I learnt was that comfort is key! I wore a comfortable, easy dress for that flight and now, I will always wear an easy dress for a long haul flight, even if it is just so I can get those stupid white flight socks on and off easily haha yeah, I wear those, precautions and all. I also much rather being a bit too cold then a bit too hot so as long as I can stand getting in and out of the car on the England side I like to make my outfit more about where I'm going rather than where I'm coming from - although I always take a cardigan since that doubles as a blanket for sleeping on the flight.

For me, as much as comfy clothes are important, comfy shoes are essential. I can't be doing with mine being painful when I have everything else to deal with like walking around the airport shops for an hour or two or trying climb over Andrew to get to the toilets plus wearing my vans there, saves room and weight in the case for all the little sandals and flip flops. I also always travel in my glasses rather then my contact lenses so that I can fall alseep without having to worry about what my eyes will feel like when I wake up. I recently got my new glasses from Glasses Direct, they're Raybans, Snazzy.

I usually take quite a big carry on bag so I can stuff it with all sorts of rubbish to keep me entertained from my ipod, to sweets, drinks and magazines and still have stuff for the important things like my passport.

Dress - HYPE Via ASOS*
Glasses - Glasses Direct*
Cardigan - F&F*
Vans - ASOS
Handbag - Longchamp
Case - Primark
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