LIFESTYLE: Where To Go On Holiday This Year?

January is a bit of a boring month for most people, apart from Andrews birthday, not much really happens. This makes it a good time to have a proper think about where we want to go on our summer holiday! I love to start thinking about my holiday ideas early on so that I have loads of time to change my mind a few times, think of all the different places you could visit and then get excited for it booking it up.

If your having a hard time deciding, you should try out Holiday Gems new little widget. It goes through a few questions and comes out with a list of places to consider!
It first asks what time of the year you'd like to go and then how hot you'd like it to be! This is something I always get worried about when I book up! I worry that it might be to cold and then I worry about it being to hot haha. I like it best when it's hot enough to wear a bikini at the pool but not too hot that I don't want to wear anything else ever.
Then it asks you what kind of things you like doing while your on holiday. A couple of these things I feel quite strongly about so I was glad it asked. I usually much rather spend time on a beach over the pool, especially if were staying at a family hotel (I usually opt for a family one as at least that way you know the room will be quite at night!) There's just so much more life and exciting things happening at the beach. Also, I love local markets but I really don't like spending my holidays in a big shopping mall, I just think I could do this at home where the shops are 100x better and the sun isnt making me want to be outside. London is always going to be my No.1 shopping destination.
 I took the whole quiz and it told me I should go to Majorca. Apart from my new wanderlust to travel to all the weird and wonderful parts of the world, Majorca is somewhere I try to convince my friends to come on holiday every year haha. When I say Majorca, I actually mean Magalluf. I have been twice and I think everyone has grown out of it but I would love the chance to go back for a long weekend.
You Booked Your Holiday Yet?

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  1. Interesting widget. I have a few places lined up already this year but I thought I would give it a go out of curiosity. It told me I should to the Antarctica. I am not convinced somehow ha.

  2. I took the test and it came up with Bodrum in Turkey. I actually went there a few years ago, so the widget must know me well!

  3. Great idea. I am also planning to travel this year. Thanks for the inspiration.
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