LIFESTYLE: The Oriental, Brighton

Late November, last year I decided that I wanted to go to Brighton, not sure why because the weather was terrible but I wanted to go. So we did. Instead of a hotel, Andrew and I decided we wanted to try out a B&B as that is something we have never done before and after countless episodes of 4 in a bed it opened my eyes to how nice they can be. 

We staying at The Oriental on Oriental Place, Brighton and were very impressed to say the least. We were greeted in the reception with a drink and a cake each while we checked in which was a very nice touch! This was just the first of many nice touches that really made a difference throughout out stay!
We were shown around and taken up to our room, neither of us knew hat to expect. We opened the door to a very large room, bigger than alot of the rooms we have stayed in at hotels before, London or otherwise! The theme was silver and purple which gave a very classy feel to it, there was a sofa, a wardrobe, a dressing table and a big white bed. We also spotted a few more of those lovely touches that I was telling you about. Firstly, there was a bottle of water on each bedside table which doesn't sound like a big deal but Andrew and I always end up having to go out to a shop in search of water for the room so that was very appreciated! They also left us out a selection of fresh l'Occitane bath stuff and the most exciting thing was tea. There was such a selection of all sorts of teas, biscuits and a little basket filled with crisps and chocolate. Why doesn't every hotel do that?!
Luckily for us, we had an en suite which came with a jacuzzi bath so we haaad to make a trip into town to pick up some bits from lush which I mentioned here. We were given a house key and a room key so we were able to come and go as we pleased. We went into town to the Hotel Du Vin for dinner which was lovely but very overpriced in my opinion, it cost more that a nice meal out in central London. We got a cab back to the room to use my new Bath bomb before getting into the huge bed ready to eat all the snacks and watch the Xfactor.
Breakfast the next morning was held in the little reception room which had about five tables. Andrew and I settled in the corner and started with tea which was brought in the cutest little tea pots. We then had a two course breakfast which was very filing and made exactly how we asked before going back up to the room to pack up, check out and make our way home!
 We had such a lovely time that we have decided that we would love to come back to stay again over the summer when we weather is better!

 *The Oriental allowed us one nights stay free of charge in return for this review. All thoughts are honest and 100% my own.


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous, I miss my home town SO much and am sad I overlooked this before xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. This looks so perfect, I really want to make a trip to Brighton soon!! xx

  3. I have never been but I would love to go :)

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