birthday week 2020: COVID edition

I have always loved birthdays and as usual, this year I took it as a great excuse for a week long celebration; I wasn't going to let COVID get in the way of that. Since I have absolutely no travel content to share with you at the moment I thought what I'd run down what I got up to during birthday week 2020.

My brother lives in Birmingham so he came home for the weekend and celebrations started with family, on the Sunday prior. My mum insisted that I found somewhere with outdoor seating, that we could drive to, rather than getting on the tube so we headed into Shoreditch, which I was more than happy with. Dishoom ticked both those boxes plus everything there is delicious so it was the perfect choice; we even managed to get an awesome table out on their terrace. 

I had had a hankering for a roti for weeks so that was the first thing I ordered, plus a black daahl to dip it in. We had chicken, paneer, fish, two huge legs of lamb and then all the rice and veg as well. Still not content, after a chocolate fondant with a birthday candle, we popped over to Boxpark to pick up some cronuts. 

Monday was Grandparents day so a little more understated - we just hit up Wildwood which is just on our local high street; they were also doing Eat Out To Help Out at the time. We skipped dessert and headed back home where a huge surprise cake was waiting for me! Cute. Birthday cake is my favourite.

Tuesday was my actual birthday and I spent most of it with Georgia. I started by opening cards and presents with my parents at home before a quick gym session in Bayswater. Georgia and I live at different ends of the city so when we get together, we usually pick somewhere new to explore. We did brunch at Darcie & May Green in Paddington since not only want it a new area for me but it was also on a super cool, boat on the canal. Seated out on the deck, I had my first shakshuka; Georgia ordered something very green and vegan looking plus they kept bringing us prosecco which was a very nice birthday treat! We were both very drunk and full by the time we left. 

We opted for Clapham as our next destination, I think the idea of a long last tube ride was actually what swayed us - we both fell asleep hahah. Soon enough, we were drinking more cocktails, outside in the sunshine at Venn St Records.

Wednesday, we had booked to go to an Italian in Mayfair but heading out early, we popped into Amazonico for drinks and ended up staying for food as well. It's my favourite place so once we realised they had tables, it was an easy decision.

All things considered, I had an awesome and very memorable birthday week!


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