Christmas Menu at Pivaz, Epping High Street

Pivaz opened earlier this year and it was quite a big deal for Epping, a brand new trendy restaurant that brought some glamour to the high street. They're a Turkish restaurant (which is one of my favourite cuisines) and I’d been once already, for my birthday but my parents already love it there so when I was invited to come and try out their new Christmas menu, I brought my mum along with me.
Whilst Turkish isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a Christmas dinner, I’m actually not a huge fan of roasts so I was pretty pleased when the email came, saying that they were focusing on evoking the taste of the Mediterranean’s rich heritage and there would not be a turnkey in sight. So if like me, you’re not interested in going for another Christmas dinner this festive season, Pivaz is the place for you!

Let’s start with the décor because it’s something that I really do love about this place. There are lots of different sections as the restaurant twists around in a U shape and each part is different. It’s very interesting to walk from one to the next although all of them seem to exude luxury and decadence with lots of jewel toned velvets and secluded seating areas. We took our seats in the main dining room which was designed with blue velvet; buzzing with people on a sunday afternoon.
The Christmas menu is £39 for 3 courses and while there is quite a good choice for anyone who is new to Pivaz, the menu didn't have any of my mums favourite dishes from the normal menu on it. I however quite liked that because it meant we had to choose dishes that we'd never tried before and for me that meant that I found a new favourite!

I started with the Escargot as I don’t often see them on the menu and that are a dish that I really enjoy especially when they are smothered in garlic sauce. This time though, my very generous portion of snails were served in a cute little pot with a sweet, spicy tomato sauce. Mum had the mix mezze platter for one which was a pretty looking dish and perfect to get a hit of all the best turkish starters! We loved the filo parcel and beetroot tarator!
For mains, I went for the Char-grilled mixed fish as I had the lamb shish last time and I found a bit dry. The fish however was absolutely delicious and would be a dish I order again and again! The halibut was soft and full of flavour, the king prawns were huge and the salmon tasted great, placed between layers of onion and peppers. The dish comes with a fruity pomegranate salad but I had to order my rice separately. Mum had the beef shish which looked surprisingly succulent and juicy to me - it was much nicer than the lamb I had had previously so maybe they've improved since my last visit.
Dessert was a fruity affair with our first Christmas dish spotted top of the list - a Christmas pudding! There were none of their usual chocolatey options but I didn't mind because some of the other choices were still very tempting! We ordered the raspberry creme brulee and the passionfruit cheesecake and shared both. They tasted delicioius but quite heavy so neither got finished.

What's your favourite cuisine?
*My meal was complimentary in return for this honest review
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  1. This food does look yummy, though really not a fan of escargot but the mezze platter would definitely be for me! My fave cuisine is Thai food, I could eat it all day long!! xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  2. The place looks absolutely amazing!

    Vanessa x |

  3. This venue looks fab - as does the food! Sweet of you to take your mum along too seeing as she already loves it there :)

  4. I literally can't remember the last time I ate Turkish cuisine but it makes a nice refreshing change from Christmas dinners! I love the decor inside especially the velvet sofa and it looks like a great alternative to the usual Italian, French or Chinese cuisine!

  5. looks amazing! ...nice to have something local to me for a change! x

  6. Looks delicious and comfy chairs too. My favourite place to go is L'Artiste as love Italian food

  7. The food looks super yummy! xx


  8. What a delectable addition to the High Street!

  9. Stunning photos! The food looks delicious!

    Bella x

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  11. Warm and humming environment, adequately calm to talk without yelling and above all great food. I had blend mezze platter for starter and sea barbecue for principle from they're extraordinary Christmas menu. The pastry finished masters dissertation help UK it off consummately: the best baklava I have eaten in my life. The administration was incredible and mindful. Unquestionably suggested! Will be back soon...


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