Being a girl on a lads holiday

I don’t really remember much of my social life growing up; probably because it was so terrible. I joined a secondary school where everyone seemed to already know each other and I guess I just didn't fit. I left that place with two friends; Georgia (who I mention on here quite a bit) & Paul. It wasn’t all bad, one day, the strange guy who I sat next to in form (soz Paul, I was going to say your not strange anymore but then again, I did catch you eating a whole cucumber like it was a bar of chocolate last week) had a house party and invited the whole year; and that’s where I met Andrew and his friends who I've kinda stuck with ever since.

We’ve all been on holiday together before, although last time there were a few other girls who came with. The boys go on a lad’s trip most years but this time it was for Andrews’s birthday and he wanted me to come with too. So that's how I ended up being the only girl on a lad’s holiday, but let's be honest I am the only girl out with them most of the time so I'm pretty used to the beer, the burping and the banter already; they were just going to be doing it in another country.

Carry on luggage. It's always the way with the boys, flying cheap means they'd rather spent their money on beer then pay extra to take a big case & since it was freezing there, it meant wearing my huge coat to fly in. Always fun. Luckily Easy Jet dont have a weight limit for cabin luggage so I stuffed it as full as I could with everything else!
I don’t usually drink at the airport so I decided that I'd just stick to something non -alcoholic although they weren't having that and I ended up with a glass of prosecco in my hand before long. These seasoned drinkers started with three pints before we got on the plane and carried on until we touched down in Germany.

At the hostel, the boys picked a 6 bed dorm which was lucky because there was six of them, but it was pretty small and they had to pick their bunk beds according to who was most likely to throw up after a night out. There were clothes and empty bottles everywhere plus they came in drunk at all different times and were more than happy to wee in the shower when the toilet was busy. Andrew and I paid three times as much (whats an extra 50 for two nights) to stay in a private room with en suite so luckily I didn't have to deal with that. 
Also, since there were six of them and only two of us, it meant I could take as much time as I wanted to get ready. Whilst I put on layers and layers, Andrew went out on the first night, in -5 degrees wearing just a t-shirt. Boys eh?

I don’t think I've ever eaten so much crap in my whole life as I did that weekend. When I go visit a new country, I like to try out the local cuisine and look for authentic places to eat or try something fun like taking a cooking class and learning to cook like a local but the boys couldn't care less about what they ate, as long as they weren't hungry afterwards.

We started this weekend with a fry up before we left (the greasy spoon didn't have any avo) and it just went downhill from there. The weekend consisted of eating an array of junk food at all sorts of strange times. Pizza hut at 5am, KFC for breakfast the next morning and ice cream for lunch at the airport. Saying that, we did have one authentic meal in Hamburg and thanks to the boys it was such a fun experience that I didn’t feel like I missed out on my fill of German-ness.

After dinner it was back to their room for predrinks before we hit the Reeperbahn. Over the years I have learnt that I can’t drink anywhere as much as most of them so I don't even try. I am now pretty good at getting drunk and then just stopping drinking, something that they obviously aren't so good at, hence the bunk bed situation. 

 They spend a lot more time standing at the bar than I ever have done. I'm not sure if that’s because it takes them longer to get served or because I love to dance when I'm in a club. Either way, it worked for me because it meant any time I did want another drink, there was already someone at the front of the bar to put my order in. I did have to swap my prosecco for something more accessible though; usually vodka. My favourite was the caramel shots from the 99¢ bar. There were a lot of shots at that bar. 

There was a refreshing lack of arguments which is something that I love about spending my time with the boys. Instead they spent a lot of time bantering each other and having a good time. Both nights were loads of fun, as we're the days, even though we didn't exactly do that much.

So there's just a little insight into my weekend away with the boys. Would I do it again? If they wanted me? Sure - why not!

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  1. omg you are an absolute hero! I could never do this! You look like you had so much fun!

    1. hahaha thanks! It was pretty fun so totally worth it :D

  2. Haha! This is a fun post, not sure I would like to go on a lads holiday with my bf but it looks like you had a great time!!xx

    Honeypot Blogs

  3. My main group of friends through high school were all guys apart from one girl friend, so when we went on holiday to Greece at the end of sixth form it ended up being 18 guys, me and the other girl (20 of us all together). I never really thought of it as a lads holiday but I guess it was haha. It was a great week!

    1. I did one of those holidays with the boys a while back too! Glad you enjoyed it!! x

  4. When I was younger, I found that I got along with lads so much more than girls so lads nights in or out were a weekly occurrence in my life for many years! It can be so laid back and fun.
    It sounds like you had an amazing time away. I totally get your point about their being a refreshing lack of arguments! Although kicking back with the guys is fun, I bet you're glad you weren't sharing the 6-bed dorm with them all haha!
    Tasmin |

    1. Your right! Very glad to have my own room haha x

  5. Girl I absolutely LOVE this post! Myself and my best friend Amy grew up with tonnes of boy mates and I just seem to get on with guys really well so I could absolutely see myself doing something like this too! SO glad you had a lovely time lovely! :)

    Hayley xo

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