My Favourite Essex Days Out

Whilst I love the hustle and bustle of working in London and I really do, I spend most of my life up there whether it's in the office, eating out or just wandering around the streets; Essex is my home. It's a completely different world from the big city, much slower and relaxed with lots of grass and lots of wild animals. Well, there is in my part anyway - there's a peacock who lives across the road from us with his chicken friends and also a couple of goats.

With all my traveling recently, I haven't really had much time to talk about exploring my home here on my blog so when The Essex Business School at the University of Essex got in touch, it gave me the perfect opportunity to put together a post. With the launch of their new BSc Tourism Management degree and a competition running alongside it to find Essex’s Best Youth Tourist Attraction today, I'm sharing my favourite Essex days out.

If you live in Essex then I’m pretty sure you would have been to Southend seaside at some point during your childhood. One set of grandparents used to live there and my other grandparents love it there too so I spent a considerable amount of childhood weekends there. Whilst the cold, stony beach isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I still love to walk along the front and spend all of my money at the arcades - hitting up the 2p arcades is one of my favourite things in the world and I have the best memories there. I loved going with my grandparents as a child and I still love going now whether it’s with them or with Andrew.
Epping & Hainault Forest
So we have a lot of forests in Essex and I love them both as a quiet sanctuary. Epping Forest is somewhere that I make alot of time to visit because its quite close and Molly loves it there and I love to take her out on a walk when I have time; it's always full of dog walkers.

Hainult Forest is all about the petting farm. I went with Andrew and his family for a post boxing day walk, we saw the goats (you should understand my love of goats by now) and I had the best day! After a frosty walk around the lake, we stopped off in the café for a warming cup of tea. Hainault forest is also a lovely place for a picnic so we do that quite often as well.
Hylands House
This one is a little bit further away from me but is somewhere that holds loads of cool events. I’ve been in the past for the Dukes Polo with Freeport Braintree (another amazing day out in Essex) and more recently to the Dog Show with Frontline. It’s also the location that they hold V festival at each year!

Freeport is great for discount designer goods but Lakeside will always be my favourite shopping center because it's the one I come home from with bags and bags of shopping every time; the shops there always have the best stock. Apart from a three story Primark and all of my other favourite shops, they have the best range of food for a shopping center. We usually get lunch at Pret or Pizza Hut before devouring milkshakes, cookies and who knows what else as we wander around. Another thing that I absolutely love about Lakeside is that it's never too crowded so shopping is actually a nice experience; we literally spend the whole day there.
If you’re aged 16-25, Post a picture on Instagram of your favourite place to visit in Essex to win a prize package of summer days out worth up to £500. Include a caption naming the attraction, explaining why you love it and remember to tag @essexebs #essexyouthtourism. Ends 18 May. See T&C

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  1. I can't believe that you have a peacock that lives across from you! Hahahah for someone who lives in a city I find that crazy (but kind of cool). Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

  2. I usually end up going to Westfield for a big shopping trip but my bf and I are planning a trip to Lakeside this summer, I remember it being so great!xx

    Lucy x |

  3. Essex was never really on my radar, but I will definitely plan a trip now! The seaside looks lovely! x

  4. Love your pic

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