Think Menorca is Boring? Think again

When I mentioned that I was going to Menorca, a lot of people asked me why? Whilst Menorca is the lesser known of the Balearic islands and has a completely different feel to its party sibling, it's still got that typical island vibe with palm trees and white houses; it's a much more chilled out place to be. The island is quite and it's relaxing but that certainly doesn't make it boring; I was visiting with Traverse and a big group of influences who made sure of that!
Menorca sunset
If you want to relax then Menorca is perfect, but if you like to explore a little bit more, then there is loads to do! Here are some of the things we got up to in between lazy days by the pool:

Visit The Cave Bar
This is one of the most incredible bars that I've ever been to so if your looking for something really impressive, I would really recommend that you visit Cova d'en Xoroi. So what makes this bar so impressive? Well, it's built into the side of a cliff. It's not a party bar (because it was still bright with sunshine until about 9pm) although they were playing some pretty good music. Don't expect a nightclub; instead you'll want to be outside on one of the terraces watching the sunset with a glass of fizz.
Cova d'en Xoroi
Cova d'en Xoroi

Explore The Beaches
With the Mercury hitting 30 degrees in May, the sea is the place to be and with over 100 beaches you're never too far from the clean blue, water that surrounds the island. We didn't get any time to visit a beach in our busy itinerary but it was something we were all very sad to miss. We saw quite a few of them on our journeys around and each one was different; some big touristy, some small hidden cove types, most not very busy at all. One afternoon, whilst the photographers were doing their thing up on a rock, a few of the others and I spent 20 minutes walking in the clear waters of a rocky red beach and it was one of the highlights of the trip. Be sure to give yourself at least one beach day if you visit Menorca.

Glass Bottom Boats
With the clear water and the wonderful weather in Menorca, a boat ride is a really enjoyable thing to do in the afternoon. You can catch a yellow catamaran from Mahon harbour and for €12.50 you get an hour on board with an explanation played over the speakers as you sail by. As lovely as it is sitting on the top deck with the wind in your hair, the middle deck has shade and a shop to buy an ice cream or a drink and below the water, there is also a glass bottom so we spent some time downstairs too watching the fish swim by.

Go kayaking
This blog is turning me into a little advernturere - I've experienced so many new things since I took up travel and I did another one whilst I was in Menorca! It was my first time ever kayaking and although I was a little nervous having never done it before, it was loads of fun and I can totally see why people enjoy it. With two guides and a boat following along too, we spent an hour in the turquoise waters exploring caves, stopping off for a little bit of snorkeling and eating crisps that the guides had brought for us! I returned back to land feeling really exhausted good about myself - I had had a fun morning, done something completely new and come away feeling like I had done a little bit of exercise as well.
Thanks for the photo Steve!

Experience The Gin Culture
We made a visit to a gin distillery which involved seeing the way they process the alcohol and lots of free samples - obviously we had to try all of the different flavours so this place is a must for a gin lover! Whilst I am not actually that into my gin I did love the Granizado de pomada (aka a lemon gin slushie) which we got from a ice cream shop in Mahon; delicious and very refreshing on a hot day!
Granizado de pomada
Granizado de pomada

Like I said, there is lots of stuff to do but as someone who usually gets dreads the through of spending the whole day by the pool, Menorca was pretty enticing. It is a wonderful place to just chill out and I really enjoyed doing so there. One of my favourite days of the trip was a lazy one by the pool. We popped out for lunch but it was mostly spent floating around on a giant blow up ice cream. There was some of real ice cream involved too.
menorca Ice cream
Menorca Paella

*Big thanks to Traverse & Visit Spain for hosting me on my trip


  1. I loved Menorca when we visited back when I was at school! The beaches there were just stunning! The kayaking looks so fun - Shane keeps trying to get me to do it, but it scares me so much haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

  2. Kayaking in the sun is always 👌 Lovely photos Georgina! x

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