A New Perspective

After four months of slow lockdown life, there was no doubt that I was ready to start getting back to my old lifestyle. Pre-COVID, my days were busy. If I wasn't working, I was finding things to get me out of the house and fill every spare moment - whether that was at the gym, the shops, going out for dinner, drinks, meeting friends, getting home late; even the long commute back to Essex was part of my life that I actually enjoyed - assuming I was in the country in the first place. But as little as I like to admit, it seems I am not that person anymore. 

It's been just over three weeks since our lockdown ended in London and I've come to realise that I was using all these things to fill my time because my life had gaps. Although, coming out of 2020, it seems there are less of those which is good. I'm pretty content at the moment.  

I came out of lockdown full steam ahead with multiple bookings for every single day - kinda like what I was used to before all this started, but after just over a week of non-stop activity, I'd had enough. By the end, I was just going out for the sake of it when all I actually wanted to do was go to bed. I was absolutely exhausted and not excited for anything I had in the diary so I just cancelled the rest of my plans.

A few days later, I re-entered post lockdown life with a different mind set. I do enjoy going to the gym but I now go because I want to, not because I have an hour to fill between finishing work and eating dinner - and going out for dinner every single day? It actually isn't that fun when you do it non-stop (there, I said it.) Sometimes I just want to stay in and eat vegetables.

So now my life is about quality over quantity and I'm slowly learning to live accordingly. My diary is still full, with reservations all over London, every single day - old habits die hard I guess, but if I'm not excited for something, I'll cancel it. I've started trying to make a conscious effort to plan something extra nice, once or twice a week, rather than something average most days and I think I've cracked it! I've had some really memorable days in the last week or so, plus lots of time at home and I'm really enjoying the split. 

So with this new perspective, I'm looking forward to each and every outing and that, is a really exciting place to be. 

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