My UK staycation ideas

I haven't left the UK since 2019 and actually, I'm not sad about it. Of course I hope to be on a plane out of here as soon as I can but I am in no rush to do so before it's safe.

I have never really had much interest in travelling around the UK - I think this has a lot to do with my main motivation for travel - which is food. 

Nonetheless, if you'd have asked me a few years ago, I would have told you I hated London but having spent the past 2 years making the most of it, there is no place I would rather live so - maybe it's time to leave my passport at home give the rest of the UK a chance too. 

I have had a few thoughts about a little bit of internal travel and here's what spikes my interest:


This one does slightly appeal to my foodie nature because Cornwall has lots of iconic things to try. It'd be the perfect excuse to indulge in a decadent afternoon tea -  and of course where better to sample my first Cornish pasty.


I actually visited Kent last summer during COVID and had a wonderful time. We hired a car and stayed at a cute little air B&B which made it very easy for us to isolate from everyone else. Once we arrived, there was Dover castle and the white cliffs to explore.

I'd also highly recommend visiting Canterbury as it is very cute. 


OK this is the one place that I know I do enjoy and in normal times, we visit every summer - something my mum and I have missed over the past couple of years.

After an early drive down, breakfast in the lanes and a morning of shopping, we love to grab a table by the water and eat seafood all afternoon.


I had a spare hour to wander around Bath once and all it did was leave me wanting more, we had just about enough time to look around the Baths but what I really wanted to do was explore the town, it looked lovely!


I don't know why, but I've always wanted to visit Manchester. I guess that should be a pretty easy one to tick off. 

Isle of Wight

My boyfriend sailed from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight on a boys trip last week and the photos that were coming back were incredible so I'm making sure he takes me with next time!

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