Paella Pop Up at Home SW15

Home SW15 is a very cute little restaurant on the Upper Richmond road and a bit of a local gem.

The menu is very simple and the vibe is super relaxed but the quality of the food is just *chef's kiss*.   

I always leave wondering why I don't eat there more often so when an email pinged letting us know about their latest pop up, we immediately booked tickets. 

This pop up had a Spanish theme. And that meant paella. 
Not only were they basing it around one of my favourite things to eat; but it was extremely inexpensive at three courses for £20.

We went along on the Monday and opted to sit at the back with the big ceiling windows overlooking the greenery outside. This place is deceivingly large, I must have been inside three times before and not even realised there was more to it further back.
First port of call - a bottle of their imported Spanish wine which we were lucky to get as they were selling out fast. Along with the wine, I had one of their 'Sea Breeze' cocktails which was super refreshing and the perfect drink for a bright Summer's evening - it was really just an alcoholic lemonade with fragrant, fresh mint. 

We then moved on to the first course which in true Spanish style, was tapas.
Whilst it did look pretty basic, they used top quality ingredients and we could actually taste it in the dishes - especially the simple ones. The chorizo was super flavourful - not just full of fat and the olives were so good that we ended up fighting over them.
The paella was wonderful. Big prawns are great but the muscles were next level and very large and juicy. The squid rings and chicken all complimented the flavour and were cooked to perfection.

Paella is just a food that makes me happy and reminds me of being on holiday so is a very enjoyable meal.
I can't rest until I've had something sweet at the end of a meal and the crema catalana did the job perfectly. It was super light with a slight orange taste to it and a sweet, caramelised sugar top. Very satisfying to break in to. 
I'm excited for their next pop-up, whatever it may be!


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