Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey.

We went to Jersey for a lazy spa weekend but after my fill of massages, saunas and long boozy lunches, we decided to go for a little explore on our last afternoon. 

We soon found ourselves wandering around Mont Orgueil Castle. 

It was a cold and windy afternoon so I took my new coat with. It's the Expedition Down Parker from Land's end and I picked the black one with grey fur lining the hood. With sealed seams, rib knit inner storm cuffs, and down insulation, it did a great job at shutting all of the elements out, protecting me from the cold, the wind and the rain.

We had a look around the old building and then grabbed a jersey cream cone to eat by the seaside. It was a lovely end to the trip!
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  1. In the English Channel, on the island of Jersey, sits the mediaeval castle known as Mont Orgueil. The castle, often referred to as Gorey Castle, was erected in the 13th century on a rocky outcropping that overlooked Gorey's bay. Up until Masters Green Jacket middle of the 19th century, it was a functioning military castle; following that, it served as a prison and later a museum.

  2. The 13th century saw the construction of the fortress, also known as Gorey fortress, on a rocky protrusion that Expo Events overlooked Gorey's harbor.

  3. After exploring the historic structure, we went to the beach to enjoy a jersey cream cone. The was built in the 13th century on a rocky protrusion that overlooked Gorey's bay.

  4. The 13th century saw the construction of the fortress, also known as Gorey fortress, on a rocky protrusion that Boston Celtics Jacket overlooked Gorey's harbour. Mont Orgueil, a mediaeval fortress, is located on the island of Jersey in the English Channel.

  5. It was a working military castle until the middle of the master's Green Jacket 19th century; after that Internal Audit, it was a prison and eventually a museum.

  6. The 13th century saw the construction of the fortress, also known as Gorey fortress, on a rocky protrusion that Chicago Digital Marketing Agency overlooked Gorey's harbour.

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    Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey is a must-visit for history enthusiasts due to its strategic location overlooking the sea, well-preserved architecture, and centuries-old history. The castle's extensive grounds offer a variety of activities, from courtyards to turrets and hidden passages. The castle's audio guides and informative signs make the visit an educational experience. The stunning panoramic views from the top of the castle are a highlight. The well-maintained gardens and grounds provide a serene escape for leisurely strolls. The castle's exhibition rooms house fascinating artifacts and exhibits that shed light on its history. The tales of sieges, battles, and the castle's importance as a fortress are captivating. The castle is suitable for visitors of all ages and is a great family-friendly attraction. The onsite cafe offers a variety of refreshments, and the staff's knowledge and enthusiasm for sharing the castle's history enhance the experience. The well-preserved medieval architecture and moat surrounding the castle are truly impressive. Mont Orgueil Castle is a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts, offering a deep appreciation for the past and a desire to learn more.

  8. Immerse yourself in the architectural splendor of Mont Orgueil, as we uncover the intricate details of its towers, battlements, and sprawling grounds. Learn about the castle's strategic layout, defensive features, and the fascinating blend of Norman and Gothic influences that define its character.
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