Exploring Dubrovnik with friends

After a late arrival the night before, Dubrovnik welcomed us with warm temperatures. We had been out for some drinks but luckily, most of my friends are also morning people, prompting an early start to our day of exploration.

The Airbnb had arranged for breakfast at a quaint cafe in the Old Town, so we sat eating out eggs and orange juice in serenity before the arrival of cruise ship crowds and tour groups. One of the biggest perks of starting early in Dubrovnik.

After breakfast, we continued our wanderings around the old town. Picking up a later arrival and an ice cream on the way.

The Old Town was very interesting to explore, offering picturesque views and historic charm. It was a little bit otherworldly.
We followed a path which led us to an archway, one of the old town gates that opened to the water, outside the old city walls. There was a port, lined with cute restaurants and though there was no beach, like many others, we spent a blissful couple of hours lounging on the rocks by the water. 

The boys swam while the girls and I relaxed on the rocks. I felt like a siren.
In the afternoon, we headed back to our Airbnb for a quick shower and change before setting out again.

Our destination was a charming bar and restaurant adorned with vines and pretty pink flowers. Despite the staff's slightly grumpy demeanour, the beauty of the location made it a perfect spot for pre-dinner drinks.
Dinner that night was back by the harbour, naturally featuring seafood and wine.

Then back to our wandering, we stumbled across an abandoned bar carved into the cliffside. People has brought their own chairs, drinks, music so we grabbed some drinks from the shop and settled in for the sunset.
The following day we booked a boat tour, which turned out to be quite a memorable adventure. It started having mistakenly boarded the wrong transfer and found ourselves on someone else's boat, complete with skipper and a bar stocked full of champagne. 

Everyone involved was very confused but after a bit of back and forth, we soon found our boat.

After a quick explanation of how to drive it, we loaded it with our own supplies and set off in search of a beach. Despite the mix-up, the day turned out to be one of my favorite travel experiences. I often travel alone, but this day made me truly appreciate having my friends with me on holiday. 

Being by the water always brings me such happiness, and spending eight hours on a small boat in the sunshine with them was all kinds of wonderful. The sea was a beautiful colour, the music, the snacks. Perfect. Even with a few other mishaps along the way.

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